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Most of the homeowners keep looking for alternatives to stone cutting boards. Stone cutting boards are quite expensive. For people looking for alternatives, butcher blockbutcher block cutting board cutting boards are perfect. They are inexpensive, but still look elegant and beautiful in your kitchen. However, if you want them to look good in your kitchen, you need to maintain them properly. It is important to understand that wood is more vulnerable to dust and damage. Before we give you some tips about cleaning and maintenance of these cutting boards, let us tell you how to choose them for your kitchen.

Choosing Butcher Block Cutting Boards 

There are many misconceptions about these cutting boards. Some people even believe that these cutting boards are just wooden slabs. However, these boards are available in a lot of different options. These cutting boards are manufactured from a wide range of wood including cherry, oak, ash, maple, teak and walnut.

Once you have chosen a kind of wood suitable to your kitchen, you need to find a board with proper finish. A cutting board should match your home decor and design plan. It is also important to consider construction methods. You can choose between planks and end grain construction. You will also have to choose between rounded and refined edges. Luckily, a butcher block cutting board can be easily built as per your preference. It can be as cultured or rough as you want.

Maintaining Butcher Block Cutting Boards 

Once you have chosen a cutting board for your kitchen, you need to understand how to maintain it properly. Since these boards are made of wood, they can be easily damaged from dryness, water, food contamination and other such reasons. With simple precautions, your cutting board will last for a long time.

Oiling – You need to oil cutting boards on a regular basis. You should use mineral oil to maintain the condition of your cutting board. You can apply a coat of mineral oil and let it simply sit on the board for an hour. Once oil has dried, you should wipe your cutting board with a detergent.

Detergent – While cleaning cutting boards, people sometimes use abrasive cleaners. This can be harmful for your cutting board. You should always use a mild detergent. This will protect your cutting board from scratches and roughness.

Lemon Juice – Since these cutting boards are made of food, they tend to absorb all kinds of food odors. Thus, you need to deodorize your cutting board with lemon juice. Let lemon juice sit on your cutting board for 15 minutes before you wipe it off.

With these simple tips, you will be able to extend the life of your butcher block cutting board. With proper care and maintenance, you can enhance the visual appeal of butcher block cutting boards to make your kitchen more beautiful. Clean and shining wooden cutting boards look as elegant as other materials available in the market. It will be better to hire professionals to install these cutting boards in your kitchen. Professionals will be able to install them properly and extend their life.

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