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Kitchen islands are very popular fixtures that are made in many homes. There are different designs and styles that a homeowner can opt for and it depends on the Kitchen Cartpersonal preferences and needs of a homeowner. The choices of these include permanent fixture styles, countertops and cart. The price and the benefits of these islands depend on the style which you select for your kitchen. Adding a kitchen island can add value to your home along with changing the look of your kitchen for better.

These island designs make your kitchen more efficient and for making it you need ample space around the island so that you can move more freely. A kitchen island may require more space but it also provides you with more storage space and counter space. You can create two different triangles or you can also reduce the size of your existing triangle so that the efficiency of the island design is increased. This provides an arrangement of all appliances to be wisely placed so that the space is utilized to the maximum. You can also enhance the design of your kitchen island by adding other additional options like adding a second sink or dishwasher in your second kitchen island which allows the benefit of cooking two dishes simultaneously without disturbing anyone. It will also help you to prepare your food easily without any clutter or stacks of utensils and bowls. Another popular option which you can add in your kitchen design is adding eating space for a family gathering. You can also create a two tiered island which maximizes your space along with separating the food preparation surface from the eating surface and this raised surface is best for large families. The eating area adds usefulness to your island and defines your kitchen space.

There are different styles of Kitchen Islands

Cart style

The portable kitchen islands is the least expensive and simple but is very functional. It has two or three shelves beneath the cutting board top. This top is mostly made with wood or stainless steel. These islands are fully mobile and can be placed at any corner of the room. The top surface of these islands can hold electrical appliances and microwaves and many homeowners use these as an additional workstation.

Countertop Style

Countertop kitchen islands are more expensive then the cart style islands but offers benefits similar to the cart style islands. These islands can be stationary or mobile and the island top can be made with granite, stainless steel, ceramic tile or butler block. You can also have extra storage space in this island that is covered by sliding doors or swinging doors.


A customized kitchen island is the most expensive island which is a permanent fixture and can also be utilized as a breakfast bar. These islands can be made in a variety of shapes including L-shaped, rectangular, oval, round and square. This design is the best for your kitchen as it has features like pot racks and built in wine racks that will help you to organize your kitchen in a better way.

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